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“I want to remind you that whether I am here or not, the celebration has to continue. If I am not here, then it has to be more intense and it has to spread around the world.

“Celebration Is My Religion. Love Is My Message. Silence Is My Truth.”

– Osho

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Preetha Nair

Long time ago, when I first met Baba & Ma, I was completely new to Meditation. The inner journey became much easier with their constant support. They have held my hand at times of difficulties which has helped me to come out of each fall. Just their presence, makes matters to settle down. The way Baba explains each of our question is ultimate. It is like the arrow hitting at the right place. I am really blessed to have found them both.

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Satyajit Chavan

Finding self, one of purpose of my life, now seems possible. That too in playful manner. No rituals, no hard philosophies just loving, enlightened presence of Ma-Baba. Life is simply beautiful in a meditative way. Osho MATH is a place where i always find myself, makes me rest in nature's true destine.

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Pooja Sanja
Morvi, Gujarat

माँ बाबा से मिलना मतलब बिन पूछे सारे सवालो का उत्तर, वो भी सबके बीच रहते हुए बिलकुल सरलता से. ध्यान के साथ साथ आप किस तरह से जी रहे हो और किस तरह से बेहतर जी सकते हो उसका एहसास. अपने कार्य को किस तरह ध्यान में तब्दील कर सकते है उसका अद्भुत सादगी भरा एहसास. जब भी MATH में आती हु वो एहसास हुआ है जैसे स्वर्ग ही है शायद. आपको भी जीवन जीने की कला सीखनी हो तो जरूर एक बार Osho MATH आये और माँ बाबा का प्रसाद पाये.

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Meena Bindal

My journey of the inner self suddenly broke down while earlier I was volunteering for another spiritual organization; I was training people towards the path of inner self, but in between somehow was not able to connect to myself.

After meeting Ma Baba I found very simple and detailed explanation to reach the inner-self. Now I am regular and stable with myself. Enjoying the meditation journey. Each day I’m moving higher in my inner growth. I understood that if we go with lot of expectations and agendas then nothing can happen - My experience with Ma Baba has been the most fulfilling one.

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Kartik Sood

What meditation gave me is "freedom". It gave me more sensitivity and acceptance towards the creation all around me. Freedom does not mean to become immune and to run away from the things but to be in the situation wholeheartedly and still be unperturbed. Meditation is thus giving me more and more freedom from within which in turn is making me more and more capable of accepting all situations.

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Anju Sehgal

Every now and then I get this one dream. I can see every detail, the colors are crisp, the sounds are clear and the air is fragrant – a pond with bright lavender lotuses spread across the lush, soft and comforting green surrounding; the kiss of cold wind across my skin; my mind stable and calm, my thoughts at peace. I was surprised when this dream became a reality at Osho Math, Lonavala.

The two days of my experience here have been impressionable. Everything from the talks by Swami Akhil Saraswati to the Kundalini Meditation done under the guidance of Ma Anand Divya (and other meditation techniques) have left me with some profound insight and quiescence.