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Swami Akhil Saraswati & Ma Anand Divya, founders of the Osho NOW movement, fellow travelers and guides, are direct disciples of Osho and modern mystics. They have been the mediums in designing and conducting various Meditation Retreats – helping seekers; beginners and advanced, from around the world on their inner journey…

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21st March 2014

21st March 2014 Osho Aaye Mere Angana On 21st March 1974, Osho arrived at Rajneeshdham, Pune. 40 years later, on 21st March 2014, Osho arrives at Osho MATH, Lonavala. We are celebrating HIS PRESENCE on HIS Enlightenment Day @ Osho MATH, Lonavala. You are Invited! ✅ Day Program ~ 9 am (sharp) to 5 pm. […]